Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Good day lovelies, Must of us are stuck out home due to this coronavirus. Due to social distancing, we may be bored and might have run out of things to do to keep yourself busy.

Today we are bringing you different things/ activities to keep you busy in this self-isolation period due to COVID-19.

With the whole world practicing self-isolation and social distancing surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. All individuals around the world have been urged to work from home if they can. But most people are finding it difficult to stay out home, am saying that staying in can be just as fun and productive as going out.

We have a few things that you can do to keep boredom at away  during the COVID-19 lockdown. From learning new skill,  to embracing your inner DIY guru, finding new games to play and adulting tasks, and also becoming a master chef at home.

Finding new things to do has become so difficult now that we have been stuck indoors in coronavirus self-isolation for more or less than a week. We believe that, like the rest of the world, you may have run out of ideas during this indefinite isolation.

Great news, we have put together a list of things to do to entertain yourself and also keep you productive. These will serve as a distraction to whatever situation we find ourselves in. It’s better than compulsively reading the news and worrying every second of the day.

Below is a list of things to keep you busy, yeah  It has something for everyone, we are here to make self-isolation bearable and keep you satisfied while staying at home.

  1. Clear out Your WardropeThings To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
    Take advantage of this self-isolation to sort out your clothes, declutter your home, ditch out things you have not worn for the past years and rearrange your clothes by putting them into sections. This will make it easier to browse through when self-isolation is over. This is a great opportunity for you to get new outfits inspiration.
  2. Become a Chef Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-IsolationYou may be the type that likes cooking but you don t have time to cook because of your busy schedules. If yes you got the time now to try to become a good chef. And for those who don’t know to cook this is a great opportunity to learn one or two about being a chef and making delicious and tasty meals you have been eying. You can go online and get recipes.
  3. Give yourself a manicure and Pedicure
    I know must of us have been so busy lately that we haven’t gotten the time to do those little things in life that make us feel better. Yeah, I meant getting a fresh manicure and pedicure being up there. Take some time for yourself, push your cuticles down, slather on some hand cream and choose a shade that makes you smile from ear to ear. All you need is a home gel, soap, nail file, and scrubs. You can do it.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  4. Read a Book
    Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
    It is time for you to read that book that as been sating on your shelf for the last few months. You can get one of  the100 top ebooks. It is easy to put off reading books when life gets busy and you have a commute. But you’re probably free from your commute if you’re working from home. So basically you have no excuse to flip through a few pages of an ebook. Where do you start? That’s sometimes the hardest part, but we’ve been impressed with Amazon’s 100 books to read in a lifetime list. Not all will be your cup of tea, but there’s something here for everyone and most ebooks are conveniently discounted. You may not like reading it your self or you enjoy listening to audible books. You can get it on Amazon. Amazon-owned audiobook company still offers free 30-day membership. The best parts? Both ebooks and audiobooks are delivered instantly and Amazon won’t run out of inventory on either. You can listen to them or read it with a hot drink and blanket desirable.
  5. Do Evening Drinks (From Home)/ Start a Zoom chat with friendsThings To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
    More and more people are turning to virtual slumber parties on video apps such as Houseparty and Zoom so we can keep up with our friends, have a laugh, a glass of wine or three, and make the best use of the lockdown.
    Zoom is video conferencing software meant for the boardroom, but right now is a great medium to break free of self-isolation by inviting friends to a chat. People have been holding meetings during work-from-home hours, and then continuing to use the same video chat client when off-the-clock.
  6. Watch movies and Tv seriesThings To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
    Nothing consumes time more than a good movie and a long TV series.  Now is the perfect time to go through an entire movie franchise. Such as  Marvel movies franchise, Star Wars, Star Trek,  John wick,  Terminator, James Bond movies Dc movie franchise, Harry Potter movies, Fast and Furious Movies to name a few.  Did you miss the Game of Thrones craze or are you late to the Grey’s Anatomy party? Now’s the time to catch up on all that TV series you have been curious about, so get comfy and get ready to commit hours of your life to watch someone else’s dramas. These movies will consume your time for you during this coronavirus self-isolation.
  7. Do Crossword Or Sudoku
    Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
    Looking for something that is a bit challenging? Put your brain to the test and do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle and see how far you can get. There are lots of online crosswords or word puzzles which means you don’t have to leave the house to have a go. All you need is a crossword challenge
  8.  Do Some Gardening
    Add some colors to your environment by doing some gardening, plant flowers around your home. Now that the sun is shining and you have nowhere to go. it is the best time to get out into your garden and watch your flowers bloom. all you need are some gardening tools.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-IsolationThings To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  9.  Baking
    You can bake some snacks and some new baking recipes to come up with your own masterpiece. You can bake cakes, cookies to name a few to cheer your family u during this time of coronavirus self-isolation.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  10.  Learn How To Knit
    You can go online and search for how to knit. There are so many tutorials to learn from. I know most of you might be thing that knitting is for grandmas, no is not. knitting is considered incredibly therapeutic and practical. You can learn it as a skill. All you will need is an instruction manual.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  11. Try Dancing:  Play some of your favorite tunes and start dancing with your kids or friends for those who are alone you can do it yourself in your bedroom, in your living room or your bathroom. You can use your Hairbrush, a microphone is optional. You can get a karaoke kit.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  12. Exercise: Replace your gym visits with a home work-out plan, such as squats, burpees, and press-ups all achievable without equipment. Transform your lounge into a yoga space and stretch it out. Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  13.  Get Your DIY On

    Take this time to tackle some interior improvements, paint that wall, upholstering old furniture, you can rearranging your living room. Remember health and safety at all times.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation

  14. Call Your Loved Ones
    This is the chance for you to get in touch with those you have been too busy to get in contact with all this while.  It is time for you to assure them that they are not alone in this self-isolating and people will appreciate a friendly chat or text message to let them know you’re thinking of them. Call your grandparents to check on them. All you need is just your phone and phone stand for long conversations.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  15.  Let Your Creativity Flow
    Attempt a creative arts and crafts challenge, from sketching and mindful coloring. Search for ideas on how to sketch?  online you will be surprised that there are more than 60 million artists around the world that have great suggestions to get you started, launching a  daily creative challenge for two weeks that you can get involved in. All you need is Colouring pencils.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  16.  Learn To Play An Instrument
    Dedicate your new-found time to music and learn an instrument that you’ve always wanted to play.
  17. Practice, Practice, Practice
    You might have been so busy that you don’t have time to practice that thing you have been struggling with. Well, you have got the time to do them all. You can practice it now. You can start doing the perfect eyeliner flick, contouring, or applying false lashes, now’s the time to become an expert. As a guy you can learn how to knot your tie, you can learn how to do that little thing you have been struggling with.
  18.  Play Games
    Nearly a week ago, two new video games came out that couldn’t be more different, and we’re thankful for the variety provided by Bethesda Softworks and Nintendo. These games are cool.
    Doom Eternal is a beautiful, but brutal reinvention of the first-person shooter series that actually makes life at the moment look… not so bad. This ride through Hell is one of the best experiences you’ll have in 2020.Things To Do At Home When In Coronavirus Self-Isolation
  19. Discover a new podcast
    Podcasts are by-and-large free and often strike the right balance between being entertaining and informative. Notable podcasts

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